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Installing my Nucleus


I went and collected my nuc of bees last Friday 3rd May, 2hr 30min away from home to the Sussex Downs and back again. On the way home the colony experienced the throes of the M25 and M1 motorways eventually arriving at their new home in the Northamptonshire countryside by mid afternoon.
My new arrivals definitely required settling from the trip back so I decided on transferring them the following day. Saturday hit us with such inclement weather, there being horizontal rain, hailstones, strong gusty cold winds and even some warm sunshine.
Transferring the nuc was definitely cancelled for Saturday also!
Then on Sunday, it was a much better day weather wise, so the job was done successfully by midday.
They are being fed Apiinvert, a syrup of extremely high purity, made up exclusively of sucrose and its building blocks fructose and glucose to stimulate some new wax building on frames with wired foundation to help them on their way.
My aim is to help build my colony up to double brood by the end of the Summer and go into the Winter months hopefully with enough stores for themselves to survive with a little help from myself also.
I thought i’d share a few photos of the day…


Nice photos. Great looking queen too! :blush:

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Thanks @Dawn_SD, it was a great day and yes, she is a beauty! :honeybee:
After nearly a year of preparations from ordering my FH2 to introducing the nuc, it feels fantastic to be beekeeping again!

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