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Installing package in the rain


There’s a significant chance of rain forecast for the projected day of arrival of the package and the two days preceding and following that date.

Delay installation or have any of you successfully installed during anything short of a downpour?

Thank you.


I believe that @Michael_Bush has been known to say that the worse the weather, when installing a package, the better it goes. The bees don’t want to fly, and they are perhaps less likely to abscond right away. If you have a helper who could hold an umbrella over you and the bees, that might be helpful, but I don’t think it is essential, as long as you work relatively quickly.


That’s great! Thank you Dawn.


I would install them in the rain. Although if it’s really coming down I might try to get someone to hold an umbrella so the bees don’t drown… But if it’s just sprinkling I wouldn’t bother.


I spent Sat morning getting everything ready because it was snowing or raining all day here in Colo. I picked up the bees at 2:30 and drove the hour drive home and installed them in 5 minutes. They were pretty calm and now I will check them this eve after work. I love this forum and it helps me to hear how others do things. Della


Keep hot syrup on them. Warm it up as much as you can stand to hold your finger in it so it will stay warm as long as you can. Warm it up once a day until the nights are in the 50s F (10 C)


These answers helped me a lot as I am getting my bees this week and there will be numerous chances for showers. thank you so much, BCRanch