Installing package with honey?

About to install a package but also happen to have some full frames of honey available from a previous hive - I’m assuming I can use this in lieu of feeding? Haven’t seen it mentioned in any posts and @Michael_Bush 's article didn’t seem to cover that scenario. Anyone done this or is there a reason why not to? Many thx

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If you are absolutely sure that there’s no disease in you honey comb, feel free. Otherwise it’s very risky to put foreign frames into a hive. Especially if your previous hive died and you are not sure about the reason.

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Thx. No disease - their numbers were reduced due to an aggressive yellow jacket assault. The remaining were combined but it left some excess stores that have been frozen


I’d go for knowing there’s no issues ! It will give them a great “kick-start”. Keep an eye on them so make sure they don’t run out as building comb n working brood eats up a lot of resources.

I’m getting my 3 Nuc’s today n giving them about noon today… I’m using a top feeder inside… It’s been 55 years since I raised my own bees as a teen. I’m really excited here. My son is going to help n hopefully be my cameraman. Here’s my set up.

. Good luck n happy beekeeping !


Hi everyone, Dawn n Dee too,

Picked my 3 Nuc’s early @ 08:30. I carefully secure them in the back of my pickup truck.

. Above I am looking at the load of 50 Nuc from northern Cali. Here the supplier taking me thru quick instruction … He really wasn’t concerned about me. . Paying for me three Nuc’s. . Securing the boxes. . When I got home I position one Nuc on each of 3 hives. . Above I am removing the rubber stopper to allow the bees out n let the orient themselves in this new location … Still a bit chilly n breezy so not opening the Nuc’s n transferring them yet. . The bees are excited to get out n stretch their legs n wings.

So far so good !


Wonderful photos, Gerald! I can see your excitement. Great job!


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Thanx for sharing @Gerald_Nickel feel like I’m there with you.

Thankz everyone ! Today was an amazing n wonderful event. I was able to share this time with two of my adult kids. I provided bee suits so the could be in the BEEs. . And Vera watched safely from our closed bedroom window. . . It look me about one hour to careful transfer the bee from Nuc’s to 10 frame hives n add the top feeders. . I was not able to find any of the three queens but saw eggs n larva so know they were around n had been laying. . We had piles of capped brood in all three Nuc’s. The workers were already bringing in loads of pollen from the large leaf maple blooms that are in full bloom present.

It was a very satisfying day for me.



Fabulous…well done. There were a lot of bees in the air and all over you but you got the job done well. Congratulations on starting your journey.


Hi Gerald, I like that sign on your gate, that made me laugh:)

Well done Gerald, I’m looking forward to more updates. Vera had the right idea:)

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Morning everyone …

My girls seem to have done well over night ! My 3 Nuc’s were very strong, populated n good supplied with a combo of capped brood, larva, n I think eggs ! Didn’t see the Queens (maybe next visit in few day. Let them settle in. They were already bringing in yellow pollen n looked heavy with nectar … They get BUSY fast !

. This is me checking early this morning. Temp is about 40 dgs (5dgs C). We should see about 70 dgs n mostly sunny so girls will be foraging as the temp rises. . A few confused loner outside the hives but guessing as it warms up they’ll figure it out just fine. . That’s the morning notes from my shack n bee yard.

Cheers everyone n Ta ta,


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Well done Gerald, it all looks fantastic. 5deg. That’s beenie weather for me. I’m shivering, just think’n about it.

Hey Jeff,

We’re tasty up here n the bees are going nuts out in the backyard. We are rocking between 66 to 68 dgs F (I think that’s about 17 to 18 dgsC)

. Just a peak of our Wonderful Spring weather n my bees. Gerald

Way to go!! Loved the pictures. Your wait is over. It official. You are a Beek again. Keep on updating us. Feels like I’m part of your journey.



I give the bees whatever I can to help them get established and anchor them there. Most new beekeepers don’t have anything other than the box and the frames. But if I have drawn comb I would give them whatever I have. I would give them honey, pollen and open brood as well if I have it. One frame of open brood will give them a good start and anchor the colony to the hive.

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Thanks Michael. I appreciate the comments. It’s so good to get back in the beekeeper game. Having that soft hum to a buzz bring back great memories as well as the almost lost smells n fragrance.

Ta ta ,


Hi everyone.

Good Lord blessed me yesterday ! . After a long day of beekeeping classes.

. Our instructor got a "swarm call on his cell phone ! To make a long story short … Off I n another student headed on a 25 minute drive ! . Scored a new wild colony of honeybees. . I’m riding a “High”… First new Swarm in over 55 years !! :tada:. Hope they love their new home ! :ok_hand::honeybee::honeybee:. Gerald


Using anything like lemongrass or comb to anchor them?

Yip , added some lemon grass oil early n one frame of drawn wax. They were busy all day coming in n out. They are really chugging sugar syrup already too. They have set up house keeping so from memories of collecting swarms back in the 1950’s n 60’s they’ll be staying. Thanks for your note n have a great week …

. Gerald.