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Syrup or frames for package


Lost my hive last year but saved 4 mostly full frames of honey and pollen. Have 2 packages coming soon. When I installed my last (and first) hive 2 years ago m, I fed them syrup and they had to draw all their comb from fiundationless frames. This year I’m thinking I shouldnt need to give them nearly as much syrup since they will have full frames with stores and also will give them a few frames with empty comb already drawn. But I think I’m still gonna feed them some to be safe. Ya?


I would for at least the first week, unless you have a humongous nectar flow. :wink:


Hi Marcos,

Glad your getting back on the bus with new Bee’s. Yip ! Those frames of honey :honey_pot: are great resource as well as the drawn out comb.

As Dawn has mentioned I’d provide a round or two of drinks for your new girls to get them off to the BEST Start ! I lost theee colonies to yellow jackets :honeybee: last fall so just got my new Nuc’s installed. I spread a few frames of honey into the outer edges of the 8 n 10 frame setups as well as set up a top-feeder full of 1:1 ratio syrup to get them off to a running start. I even gave them a pollen Pattie each. The pollen in my old frames is old, moldie n mostly worthless so let the bees dump it themselves…n get fresh new stuff (they’ll bring in plenty n fast if it’s available …

Sounds like your about off n running into season 2018 … Cheers n good luck. Any other questions toss them in here. We are all learning together no matter how many or few years under our belts …




The frames will be great for the packages as will the honey but feed them to really get them up and running. Also restrict their entrance so they can protect it while the hive is small and weak.