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Question on brand new nuc

Hi All
I would really appreciate some of your knowledge. I’m brand new to beekeepkng. Just got a nuc - it has 3 frames of nice brood and a frame of honey. The frames are foundationless. I waited one week after install and went in to make sure the comb wasn’t getting messy and to see if they were drawing out new frames. Since that was my goal, I didn’t pull out any of the brood frames to disturb them as little as possible. I have plastic foundation in the empty frames, as I didn’t want to take on foundationless at this time. On inspection, there was no messy comb and absolutely no sign of any new comb being drawn or movement to new frames. I wasn’t able to get wax In time, but am planning to wax all the plastic as soon as it arrives. I also didn’t feed them and they seem to be bringing in a lot of pollen. The three frames seem pretty full of bees (but I didn’t pull them out). I’ve also seen daily orientation flights. so my questions are: how quickly would they normally draw out frames? Should I be urgently getting that wax on the plastic frames even if that means going back into the hive soon?

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i would of waxed up the plastic foundation for them to take to it quicker.

also feeding them is a really good idea to help them boost numbers and draw comb as is take a lot of honey to make wax.

i got caught out thinking they are bringing in heaps of pollen so must be lots of nectar. that isnt airways the case :slightly_smiling_face:

it definitely takes time. i wanted to see results within weeks but you have to be patient on this fun journey. I’m sure others will add. i saw you are in Hawaii so i have no idea of what’s going on with bees in the area and how active they should be :grinning:

Thank you! I will add a 1:1 sugar bag then. I had been wanting to but the guy I purchased from said no need. I don’t see the harm if it’s just to get them started. I am also struggling to understand Hawaii beekeeping, as most of the information is from more seasonal locations. I’m looking for a local mentor!

Just makes it nice and easy for them to instantly put the sugar water to work and stimulate them. the only way it would ever hurt is if you had the super on and you got sugar water in your honey or if there was way too much there and it fermented on them.

Definitely find a local mentor and enjoy the journey. You will start to really notice different things with your bees and then work out what works best for you.

Giving the nuc 2/1 syrup(2 water to 1 sugar by volume) to stimulate the bees along. it will be a big help in getting the colony stronger quickly. 1/1 is more to build up Winter stores. If the bees don’t need it if there is a heap of nectar about they will leave the syrup. For your climate I would treat your bee keeping as a permanent Summer situation.
Maybe open a thread in the “introduction” section and give your location in the opening as there are a couple of bee keepers on the forum from Hawaii already who could be a wealth of information and advice for your area.