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Instructions for zipper attachment


Hi there, I removed my bee head section to wash it as it was pretty dirty. Now having trouble putting it back on. Is there instructions with photos as the fastener came off.



I got my instructions on YouTube, I must have spent hours trying to figure it out and got myself really stressed thinking I had to be an idiot, I thought I had it right once then say the screen was at the back. There is a couple of clips on you tube, if you have trouble with it leave it for an hour or two, have someone wearing the suit when you want to have a go at it might help too.
Welcome to the forum Jennifer


I finally worked it out…lol


Just a hint, and request, go to your icon on the top right and edit your location to include your town and state as well as ‘Australia’, it will make it easier to help if we can know things about your climatic condition for example, like Melbourne and Darwin are worlds apart in climate and distance.


Tip from the bee suit specialist in Flow:
“My best tip is to start with the zip opening behind the front flap first. Don’t do the very front one.”