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Did you guys see this video? Crazy



Absolutely awful but I suppose if folk want package bees that’s what some suppliers do.


So awful. Had already decided against ever buying package bees again after the first one, and seeing this certainly underscores why.


As soon as I saw those ideal supers I thought that looked like Tasmania. Then the countryside, the cars and the names on the boxes confirmed it. It looks brutal doesn’t it, but they drum them and smoke them up to the top of the hive and after collection, they send them to Canada. That looks like a leatherwood site. This video explains it.



so brutal! i would keel over with pity if I had to do that… I get a little sad when I squash a single bee through carelessness. I know they are just bugs- and I feel quite happy when I kill a mosquito- but to me bees are so superior and nice as far as bugs go- I hate to think of them suffering. I feel similar when ever I see cattle or sheep in a truck…


It looks brutal, not something that I would do, obviously those blokes found a system that works for them. They must be doing something right for their colonies to build up so strong.


This video puts new meaning to the saying that Americans do things in a big way.

It probably contributes to commercial beekeepers getting a bad name. There has to be a better way of moving a yard full of bees.


that’s unbelievable Jeff- the size of that swarm! Talk about needing a bigger box- try a whole truck full of boxes…


Hi Jack, I think it’s just lots of bees that got left behind after the hives got loaded onto the semi with the forklift. They must all join together the form these huge queenless swarms. I don’t think that Aussie beekeepers shift bees like that. I hope not.


Animal husbandry gone wrong - badly wrong. They show worst practice of bee keeping right threw the video and no respect for the bees.


I agree Peter, no respect for the bees whatsoever.