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Is it too late to start a new hive mid March

Question from a new beek, I live in Perth WA. Is it too late to start a new hive around mid March ?
Using a Nuc to start the hive. Will still have around 10-12 weeks before winter starts.
Usually the colder weather kicks in around June-July

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Hi @George_Perth,

I’ve just performed a pre-emptive split (queenless 4 frame nuc). By the time a queen emerges, it will be mid March.

I have 2 other hives that I can use to supplement it and keep stores, numbers manageable. Come winter, they’re on their own.

Fortunately, Perth’s winters are reasonably mild. Being in the suburbs means there is some forage around when the sun shines and it’s not wet and miserable.

It’s not the ideal scenario going into winter, but fingers crossed they build up in time. If they make it through the winter, I reckon it’s a good sign for spring and the colony will be strong.

I’ll most likely offload this nuc as I only want 2 hives.


Depends on your area’s capacity to feed them. You have to keep an eye on their stores, and be ready to feed as soon as they need.

You also have to keep their volume inside the hive manageable for them to keep warm during winter. In winter colonies shrink.

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Hi fffffred Thanks for the information.
I was hoping to get some confirmation regarding our Perth winters being reasonably mild.
Let me know if you want to offload your nuc.
I do have a spare nuc box.
Is there also a spare queen ?

Hi Zzz, Thanks for your reply
I will keep an eye on them and ready to feed if necessary

I’m waiting for the colony to raise a queen. If she’s successfully mated, I’ll let you know. But it will be mid March before I can confirm.

Have you asked around Perth to see if there are any other nucs available to get a head start?

How is your nuc travelling?