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Nuc introduction to hive timing

Is it too late to introduce nuc into my flow hive now? Ie: mid March 2020.
Hive is on Southside of Brisbane fairly close to city

I’m sure someone in Brisbane will let you know more but I don’t think it is to late to install a Nuc in your climate and urban environment.

Your goal would be to get them to fill just the brood box, overwinter your short winter, and be ready for the first spring flow.

You may need to feed a little 1:1 if there is currently a nectar dearth. This will help them draw out comb. You may also choose to buy 4 frames with foundation to reduce the energy, nectar quantities really, to draw out the new frames too.

Have fun.

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@AdamMaskew has given good sound advice, Get the bees settled into the brood box only to build up and the super added in the spring. Fit the number of frames you need to fill the brood box with frames with foundation so the bees will build the comb sooner and consume less energy and stores. A common mistake made is adding the super before the bees need it.
I’m at Coolum Beach and visit bee keepers from here down to the Tweed and there is a good amount of nectar and pollen about.
Welcome to the forum, lots of nice folks here , heaps to read and good advice freely given.

Thank you for your advice.
Now I have one more question please. Where or from who can I source a nuc?

I’m in South Brisbane area.

Cheers, Peter

Hi @AdamMaskew, welcome to the forum. You could google “Bees Supplies” for your area. Most reputable bee stores will sell you a reliable Nuc with quiet bees.
I installed a nuc 3 weeks ago (Perth) and have been feeding them which will help them to build comb. May have to continue feeding them through winter so that they will build up numbers and have a head start for next spring. What type of bee hive do you have, Flow 2 ? Cheers G

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Thanks George. I’ll try your suggestion. Yes I have a flow2, 6 frame.
I bought it for my wife. She wanted one for her birthday!

I’m not very familiar with your area, but I think that if you can wait till spring to get your first nuc it would be preferable, rather than going into winter. You’ll have more chance of success.

If you go ahead and you find you have to feed, there is a school of thought that a 2 parts sugar to 1 part water is more beneficial in this time of year. 1+1 is more of a summer feed. Ideally though, you’ll be in. situation where you won’t have to feed anything and let them forage.

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I would use 1:1 with a new Nuc needing to draw out the frames for a while. If they didn’t have enough stores in Brisbane’s climate I’d look at 2:1 in May/June. That is if you believe, like I do, that the different ratios promote building/brood or stores.


You could always source a full colony instead of a nuc


I know @JeffH can supply you with a nuc from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and hours drive up from Brisbane. His price is very reasonable and his Italian strain of bees are very calm and easy to work. Jeff actually goes over board to be sure you get what you pay for and will give you lots of information as well. If you want his phone number PM me, ok…
With a nuc you could offer extra feeding but don’t be surprised if they ignore it because of all the nectar about at the moment.

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Thanks Pete, I was going to suggest he contact @cathiemac because she put a couple of nucs up for sale recently.

I certainly have some available, no problems there. There has been a drop off in demand for nucs, I’ve been enjoying building up my colonies


Cathie slipped my mind and didn’t offend her I hope.
Great the cold winds and rain has stopped giving me the chance to get back to taking more frames of honey off the hives.

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Hi Pete, I did a robbing yesterday.

That’s fantastic. Please send me his contact details and I’ll call him.


Hi Peter, no offence taken. I have been so busy at work that I missed the post expressing interest in nucs.
For anyone else out there, my nucs are still here, overflowing with bees. I’m sure people are out there wanting bees but I haven’t been able to reach them. I’ll be calling the bee supplies tomorrow to see if they’ll put a poster up for me. Gotta find a good home for these awesome colonies! Cheers, Cathie

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Thanks for mentioning my name too Jeff. It’s nice of you. I am sure looking forward to finding new homes for these girls - they are actually in full size boxes already as I didn’t get my timing right to advertise before they outgrew the nuc boxes (again!)