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Is this a copy of the F.H..Your thoughts



Was looking thru the local rag and well, well well, look what i found

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C…

Copyright infringement me thinks

Am i wrong folks ???


Your eye spies are working fine… It’s a counterfeit hive.

And they are asking the same price as a far superior hoop pine flow hive:

Cheeky sods


Thats the one that has been around on aliexpress for awhile https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Design-Honey-flow-automatic-beehive-honey-free-flow-beehive/32687304060.html.

I like it how the Gumtree add says “The free flow hive is a new Australian hive design”.


on ebay a few months ago an Australian based bee equipment seller sold several of these hives- exactly the same- for $395 each. I have a feeling they imported some to see if they could get away with passing them off as genuine- ran into trouble- and then liquidated them at a low price.

here is one from Germany- and you only have to pay $724 dollars for postage!


You are 100% correct @Rodadon, use the “report” button to tell Gumtree is is a Copyright Infringement.


I think what that hive needs is some 91 octane and a light. Should go up quite nicely lol

Ive reported him to gumtree admin, lets see what happens