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Is This Any Better, What do you See


In this hive inspection, I was hoping to see improvement in my technique, find the queen and eggs in cells. I only saw some improvement in my technique and no eggs or queens were found. I can only hope that my assumption that more bees means the queen and the eggs were there and I just can’t spot them. Since some of the frames were so crowded I wonder why they haven’t started building brood in the upper box.



Guess we’re in the same game n ball park. I just did my first (3rd day) inspection after transferring my 3 Nuc’s to hives last Friday.

My ole fuzzy eyes only saw one of the queens n hmmm no actual confirmed eggs but I did see very teeny teeny maybe first day hatched larva. That’s at least something to “Crow” about maybe. I even tried a magnifying glass but couldn’t seem to get the angle n lighting right. Sure has a nice “Hot Spot” with the sunlight for starting a wax fire if I’d have left it long enough. Didn’t want to burn any :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s butts either with that hot beam ! :smiley:

Maybe this next Monday’s 2rd week inspection will be better … Old eyes suck ! But still glad to be back beekeeping again after 55 years away.

Today’s activity in the bee yard.

Take care Bro n cheers. Beekeeper in Washington the state,



I find if I take good high resolution photos of the frames when I do the inspection- you can see a lot more on the photos zooming in- after you have done the inspection. When inspecting you want to keep moving, and it can be hard to get a really good look at the frames.



I agree pix’s are extremely handy n I use a super crisp Nikon to take pix so quality is tops. What I’m working on is holding a frame n taking a pix at the same time. It’s easy if my kid or another person is with me but most of the time I’m soloing. I use a top end tripod I aquired doing years of portrait n the likes but someone has to trip the shutter :sunglasses: … The camera will do the critical focusing on Auto. I’ll get it figured somehow. Just have to train those bees, larva n eggs to SMILE your on candid camera ! :wink::camera::clapper:

I appreciate the comments. Maybe you can come by n help me ! :grinning:. Wish that was an option. I’ll get the multi-tasking thing down soon ! I’ll figure the bee photo session out soon. Again Thankz. We all :honeybee: in this beekeeping together ! Anymore thots n ideas greatly appreciated by this old returning Beek ! :ok_hand:

Ta ta.


Does your camera have Bluetooth, Jerry? If so, a remote shutter control might be useful.



Nah … It’s fancy but older so no Blue Teeth in its mouth ! :smile:. In the old days we had those handy dandy squeeze bulbs. Those were the easy day.

Got that Blue Tooth thingy to work on with a newer projector n my stupid new smart/dumb computer I need to connect together when teaching ESL to my Vietnamese students. Nothing simple or easy in this new tech Dumb world for old people that just want to get stuff done ! :wink:… Maybe make a holder like Basso I think it was ! Or try to grow a third hand n we know that’s not going to FLY ! :smiley:. I use to be considered somewhat smart … Now just a smart-ass ! :ok_hand:
It’s a new tech world,


Well, you have a smart phone, you can get some remote bluetooth shutter controllers for those too! :smile:


Dawn ! Ooooooh ! Guess I need a tripod n tech shop for that … Guess I’ll look one of those critters up on Internet ! Thankz my friend ! add that to my “to do list now” ! Jerry the tech ! :blush:


Hi Jerry,

I went very cheap, just to try it out. These are the ones I chose:

Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.


Dawn, sounds like a good thing.

saw this one on Amazon. Now just need to figure Amazon out ! Iam really hide in the woods n backwards for a reason … Scared of all the credit card n security breaching crap so have totally stayed away from online Stores. Even ordered Beethinking stuff over the phone. Might have to get out of my BOX ! Wow ! I really do appreciate your HELP ! Awesome. Your a true friend !!

Thankz soooo much !
Jerry out here in the far north woods… :wink:


What if you got the frame out and put aside for a moment while you set the “timer” on the camera. My Canon has 10 sec delay which would give me plenty of time to hold the frame up for a pic. Also shaking some of the bees off as your raising it out of the box will help (all great ideas from some friendly fellow beekeepers). Thanks