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Is this beetle?

I inspected the brood on Wednesday, I didn’t see any beetles. I checked out the tray today and found some insects. Is this a beetle in the picture? Shall I install the beetles traps immediately? (I just put on the super on Wednesday)

Are these maggots? Any concerns?

Too much junk in the tray, is my concern. :blush: You should clean it out at least once every week.

Yes you have maggots, aka larvae in there. Probably wax moth, but they could be small hive beetle. Please clean your tray ASAP! :wink:

And by the way, the beetle in your first photo looks very much like a small hive beetle (SHB) to me. All the more reason to clean up fast!

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I agree with @Dawn_SD , that is almost certainly a SHB. I’m almost certain that those grubs in your second photo are SHB larvae. They are probably feeding on the buildup of muck in the tray, which by the way, they would relish. I suggest to folks who use a tray to keep it reasonably clean by cleaning it once a fortnight. I use solid floors, which the strong colonies keep nice & clean.


I have cleaned the tray today. Didn’t even realised it’s that dirty. Will follow your advice to clean the tray fortnightly.

What did you mean by solid floor? Did you simply remove the tray?

When I say “solid floor”, it’s simply a flat floor with two cleats on the bottom, front & rear with a riser all around except for where the entrance is. The brood box sits on the risers that can be around 10-15mm high. The gap in the risers on one end forms the entrance.

This photo shows some solid floors that I built a few years ago.

Those solid floors are mixed in with some lids.

PS you can call me “mean”, however as you can see, I don’t even give my bees a landing board.

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