Debris and tiny beetles on bottom of hive

Hi . I am a new beekeeper. I have noticed a few small insects (2 tiny beetles) and a few larvae in different stages when I pulled out my corflute board , in amongst the debris (saw dusty material and wax) . Should I be concerned ?

Photo? …

Always! :wink: They could be Small Hive Beetles (if black), varroa (if reddish brown), SHB larvae, wax moth larvae etc. As Dee says, a photo would help.

Ok. Thanks . I’ve had another look but cannot see any more beetles nor larvae. I’ll check each day and snap a pic if I can . The saw dusty debris would be normal ?

I think it’s wax moth . :frowning:

The yellowish saw dust type stuff is wax - bees chew it up and drop it all of the time. The black ovals look like small hive beetles (SHB) to me. I don’t see any worms/larvae in that photo.

There are several ways to trap or deal with SHB - you can search this forum or ask around here. You will probably never get rid of them, but you can control them, or help the bees to control them! :smile: It does look like you have a fair number of beetles, so if your hive is fairly new, I would look into trapping some of them.


Thank you Dawn. The black ovals are not beetles. I’m not sure what they are, Im thinking they are poop?. Ill keep a close eye on things. I think ill look inside the hive tomorrow and pull out some frames. Perhaps an insect or two will invade through the back of the hive onto the corflute now and again given it is an open situation?

Im not an expert, but i would be making sure that the colony is using up all its space. Often insects get in there if there is a lot of space in the hive. if you have space in your brood box, i wouldnt add the super just yet. you didnt say how much space you had in the hive or where you are.
my bottom board looks a lot like that (minus the beetles!), and the little brown things i presume are bee poo!

I can’t see any beetles on the core flute, it looks like brood cappings mixed with wax moth poo. It looks like the bees might have cleaned up where the wax moth got started. That cluster near the bottom & to the left looks like a lot of wax moth poo to me.

Thanks so much everyone ! I am so Very grateful for the comments . I am in South Australia . I just have the brood box and had a nucleus put in a that took up four frames , When I peeked in the other week the bees had taken over about 6 frames . All seems well. My little ‘hive’ is just 5 weeks old . I looked again this afternoon and cannot see any more larvae nor any sign of any other insects or beetles .

Bee poop is a yellow splodge

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Most commonly seen on the windscreen of your freshly washed car… :smile:


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After reading the question again & cleaning my glasses & bit more thought, I’m starting to think that maybe SHB got a little start & the bees were able overwhelm them. That would explain the chewed up wax & the larvae at different stages on the core flute. The poo looks like SHB poo, which also looks like wax moth poo.

It would be advised to check the brood to make sure there is no SHB activity. Sciencemaster had a similar problem to that a few months ago.

PS. I’m almost certain that bees only do their poo outside the hives.

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I have seen a LOT of wax moth poo, and zero SHB poo, so far… To me, wax moth poo looks a little lighter than that, so thank you for your comments, @JeffH, we are on the same page. :wink:

Unfortunately beekeepers can’t be complacent about a Small Hive Beetle problem. Better to be over-vigilant than to get slimed and destroyed in a new hive.


Or hubby’s Jag opps!!

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Many of us lovethebees even with their stings. I checked your photo and you don’t have anything on that board to terminate any nasty critters the bees might push through. Consider sprinkling 20g or so of diatomite over the board. This will do the trick with SHB. Otherwise these pesty critters will crawl right back up through the mesh and start causing more trouble.

Hi Dawn, after another look, I’m scratching my head now. When the bees coral the beetle between the top bar & the mats I use, the beetle poo resembles the tiny black bits in the photo & the wax moth poo looks similar but in a bit of a web. I don’t know what the large bits are, looks like large cockroach & small mouse poo:)

Oh . Thanks for that . Yes , there is not anything in place to prevent beetles entering. I’ll get onto the recommended deterrent .

If those dropping were on my inspection tray I might think earwigs BUT

Is probably the right way to go :wink: