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Is this just a drone cell?


Was in my hive today, and saw this. Looks like it is just a cell that got torn apart when I pulled two frames apart, but that larvae sure looks big to me.


Could be…as you say, might have been torn open when you lifted the frame out or the bees decided it wasn’t viable & are removing it.

Meanwhile, at about 10 o’clock on your photo I see what looks like your queen, in the act of laying. But I’m doubting myself because the eyes look very drone-y to me, so maybe the body just seems elongated because of the photo angle or something…


The one with big eyes and a fuzzy thorax? Looks a lot like a drone to me! :blush:


Yeah, looks like a drone to me. If I wasn’t seeing clear sign she’s in there, then I might panic, but it’s obvious we have a queen from the eggs and brood.


Don’t the QBs have a white dot on there backs it’s the only way I can see them lol


Only if someone puts a dot there - and when queens are marked the color of the dot will be different according to what year she was raised.

But - sorry for any confusion! this isn’t a queen. As Dawn says & I suspected, it has the large eyes of a drone & big fuzzy thorax of a drone :wink: