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What is this i found today?

doing a inspection today i came across a cell that looked different to what i have seen in the past
it it a drone cell of a small Queen cell?

Drone …

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I find if there are in worker cells the drone cells are prouder than usual to accommodate the size

Thank you for the fast answers.
Is that normal for this time of the year?
My hive is about 6 weeks old & just finished drawing out the last frame
I have not seen any drones or drone cells before!

@Nux have a read up about the bee life cycle and what the various cells look like.

Have you joined a bee club?

I thought it was a drone cell!
From what I have read & been told that they drive drones out this time of the year?

Well how many have you got?

Just the one!
The first and only one that I have ever seen in my hive

Only one to throw out when he emerges, then