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Is this normal?


Hi all I install my 5 frame nuc on Apr24 into my flow hive, and wasn’t able to do my first inspection until May 4 do to rainy. Apond the inspection I realize that when I install the frame I must have install them in the wrong order, because it look like the girls drawn out 1 and half foundation less frame with comb which is a good thing. But in my haste to put frames in I put one of the brood frame to the far wall and now this what I’m seeing


At this point I wouldn’t mess with them.


Sorry everyone was trying to upload the video but it say it to big, when I have more time I will try to post some pics.


post to youtube then link it here. after you post it to youtube you’ll get a link on the upload page. just copy and paste that link here…



Ok let see if this works: https://www.facebook.com/darrin.king.50/videos/10209143743373540/


you may have your profile as private or something. Try youtube :slight_smile:


So has anyone ever seen this, they seem to be cleaning out that brood frame that was against the far wall, have seen them flying out with undeveloped pupa and it starting to look like a graveyard were the bees are going to die. Is this normal?


could be that the brood is getting chilled and dying? I’d probably move it next to the other brood frames in the middle.


Try using the link now


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K give it one more try


works now. taking a look


That looks to me like they were flying around and got chilled/died on those stone slabs before they could get back into the hive. I see one kinda almost on top of the stone… I’ve seen them come back to life if you catch it soon enough and breathe some gentle hot air on them you’ll see their abdomens kinda move. I had some on my suit when i came in the house i swore were dead and were flying around inside once they warmed up. I’m in Alaska so it’s 50F here during the day.


But why all gather in the same area like that? It’s like they distance them self away from the hive.


Hi there, another newbee here…my limited bee sense tells me that cold plus end of natural lifecycle might be the reason you see so many dead or dying bees. I believe they only live about 6 weeks, so in a new package or nuc, you’re getting a population with some oldsters included…who, bees being bees, will try to leave the hive before they up & die. Courteous, no?

But I also think based on the crappy weather & what you said about putting the frames into the brood box out of order made temp regulation a challenge. Which is already an issue for a small colony moving into a larger space (nuc to brood box).

But…you’re feeding them right?


Yes, feeding 1:1 and bee patties reason for this so that they will draw comb faster with the foundatioless frame which they did almost completed two as of last inspection which was on May 3 seen the queen during that inspection also, I’m going to start video my inspection so I can share with my forum family here.