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It's HOT here in Georgia!


All the girls are hot. Temps are up and the bees are bearding big time. Especially the nuc.


Yah … It looks like it bro with all the breeding. Looks like mine did about a week ago. My bees are adding long johns n ear muffs. Our snow levels dropping to near 4000’ for 2 to 3 days then pop back up … Spring not wanting to give into summer coming the 21st. This year is so quick n busy. Flat flying !

Ohhh… I just placed my order for a new full Flow-Hive this afternoon. I’ve stood back observing long enough. Never liked being first in the fire, computers n more. I watch to see the pros/cons n then make my decisions. I believe it’s a great choice n produce. So I’ll be able to use the Flow-super next season 2017. I’m not in a rush. I’ll assemble n store up in the loft of my woodshop. I want to buy at least one 7 frame Flow-Super this winter … No hurry on that one. I wanted to take advantage of the current 15% díscount too.

Have a great evening in Georgia,


suppers about ready here.


popsicle sticks in between the brood boxes! lol. I’ve heard this helps with ventilation.