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Jaguar Landrover to introduce Honeybees @ Work

Jaguar Landrover have given me permission to introduce a couple of hives on site at our main manufacturing plant at Solihull, West Midlands UK.

The project is hoping to then trigger a global best practice initiative across all our sites. I have 3 other sites in the UK already to jump on board.

Our onsite childrens nursery is named “Buzzy Bees” and the children will play an integral part of planning, designing, decorating, studying and caring for our bees.

10,000 staff onsite at Solihull with a global workforce of over 43,000 and a global network of suppliers, transport companies and a customer base in the millions.

Fantastic show and commitment to sustainability, education, zero carbon footprint and employee engagement.

I’ll post regular updates of the project on the Forum.


Solihull, there are some other flow hives in Solihull. A former regular contributor to this forum (Valli).

:clap::clap: Congratulations on getting that over the line. A huge potential for awareness through your workforce and networks!!

Look forward to seeing updates!