Join Swarmed - The fastest way to save honey bee swarms

I wanted to share the free service I built to make swarmed reporting and retrieval simpler, more private, and faster.

When a swarm is reported, the website automatically notifies nearby beekeepers with the details, allowing you to quickly decide whether to retrieve the swarm.

I worked with beekeeping associations, master beekeepers, bee removal specialists, and municipalities to build the website. The website can also integrate with the association’s existing swarm pages, so if you’re an association leader, let’s talk.

Swarms are being reported every day across the US, but I’m still working to build up a local network of beekeepers so that every swarm report can go to a beekeeper.

I hope you’ll consider signing up!




How does Swarmed work?

  • Swarmed’s system works on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning only the first beekeeper to claim a reported swarm receives the contact information and exact location. By using your address, the swarm’s address, and the radius you set, Swarmed only notifies you when a swarm is reported near you.

How is my information used?

  • Swarmed does not share your information publicly with anyone. Your information is used solely to locate swarms in your area and to notify you when one is reported.

What do I do when I’m notified of a swarm?

  • You’ll receive a link to your profile, where you can be the first to claim the swarm. Then, you’ll receive the contact information and exact location of the swarm.

Can I charge for my removal services?

  • Yes! Once you claim a swarm, you can reach out to the reporter directly to quote them a fair price for your work. Easy swarm captures are generally expected to be free, but it’s up to you to decide what’s fair and make a deal with the reporter.

Where does Swarmed operate?

  • The service is designed to work across the U.S. and globally. By signing up as a local beekeeper and spreading the word about Swarmed, you can help the service spread to new regions.
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This is great, Mateo!! What a brilliant idea. I’m going to pass it on to my beekeeping club :+1:

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