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Joined an elite group


Joined the elite group of bee keepers Monday that have had the pleasure of a bee crawling into their ear.
Cant say I recommend the experience, I was lucky that it decided to come out within 10min not the 4 hrs plus some have had to endure with a bee buzzing.


Guess your combs checked out ok then, no major repairs needed! :smile:


Shooda had ya Ear Muffs on mate.


Your ten minutes seems long @220, but four hours!! I had no idea some people have had to deal with that.

I haven’t had the pleasure, but was there to see my other half dealing with one in his ear. I have to admit seeing him stomp about bent in half shaking his head frantically up and down slapping at the skyward side of it hoping to dislodge the bee from his groundward ear had me in hysterics.


I was camping on kangaroo island once with a group of people. early one morning I woke up to hear someone screaming- I looked out of my tent and there was a lady hitting her own head onto the ground and screaming… It turns out a earwig bug had crawled into her ear during the night and was scratching around in her ear (it’s just a coincidence they are called earwigs!). Luckily there was a doctor with our group and he acted quickly- pouring some olive oil into her ear. This stopped the bug moving almost instantly- and drowned it- for easy removal.

Just thought I would tell this story in case anyone has a bee buzzing in their ear for 4 hours!


@ Semaphore I have heard of oil being used, didn’t have any with me but did have water. The water significantly dropped the volume of the buzzing, weather due to it not conducting sound as well as air or the bee being wet I’m not sure.