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Just a bee head


I have been finding parts of bees on the inside and outside of my hive, but when I say parts I mean only legs and head. I have been told wasps will do this. Any suggestions??


Indeed wasps and hornets will do this, if they are the carnivorous type. They only carry the bee bodies back to their nest. If you search the forum for “wasp trap” you may find some ideas that you could use. I haven’t tried them, but I believe if you want to make one yourself, you have to use a combination of something sweet and some gently rotting meat… :fearful:

I would try to move on them pretty quickly though, a strong wasp nest can destroy a hive in a few days. Hopefully the nest near your hive will find other food. The other thing you can do to help the bees is reduce the entrance as much as possible - the bees will have more success defending it from the wasps if you do that.