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European wasps picking off bees around the hive

Hi, I’ve noticed a few European wasps hanging around the hive. They seem to be attempting to pick off the bees on the ground or around the hive.

They don’t appear to be entering the hive but I’ve seen a few bee-wasp fights… usually the wasp wins.

Previous threads talk with very mixed opinions about wasp traps etc.

I guess I’m wondering if with a few wasps should I even be concerned? By a few I mean there would often be two or three hanging around.

They also seem to have found the water source.

Location is Melbourne.


Wasps drink beside the bees at my place too. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, I’ve never noticed any fighting, and I’m sure bees know how to deal with wasps.

Buy a fish net from a pet supplier into tropical fish and you may be able to catch them and squash the nasties. Wasps won’t enter a hive when there is good pickings at the entrance. Bees are a food source for the wasp young and though they don’t take many bees if the wasp numbers increase they could become a problem. I have SHB traps in low tree branches about my apiary but never found a wasp in them but they sure do catch SHB. Wasps usually win against a bee.

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Those wasp/fly traps from Bunnings are good if the numbers get up. I always have a few hanging around but they seem to be cleaning up the bodies chucked out the front of the hives.


Thanks Peter,

You mention SHB traps. Just wondering what type of trap you have in the trees and do they catch many other insects?