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Just installed 3lb Italian honey bees


is it normal for my bees to have consumed almost 5 gallons of syrup since i got them on 4/27 and they have developed two frames already and one frame already has some eggs im taking it as a good omen but i would like a second opinion


What kind of feeder are you using ? That seems like a lot of syrup


Its a in hive feeder it holds a gallon


That does sound like a lot. Is there robbing going on by any chance? Have you reduced the entrance?



Woooooo ! Waaaaaay too much ! Usually normal is maybe a quart or less per day but a gallon of syrup is WEIRD n something wrong.

Like Dawn n others … Sounds like some serious robbing. Or is something leaking ?! What type of feeder are you using ? I only use top-feeders or jars inverted surrounded by a super.

I’d screen your hive entrance tonight n check n see if you have a lot of visitors showing up for LUNCH ! You get my drift. If a gang shows up I’d get a 1" or maybe 1/:" wide reducer on … Your bees should be able to hand that. Also make sure there are no other holes other visitors can enter as well. Sometimes it takes a bit of detective work. Just part of beekeeping n learning curve.

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