Kansas Bee regulations

Hi everyone!

I am new to the bee keeping community, “new” meaning I don’t eve have a beehive yet. I live in Kansas and was wondering if anyone could help me find any regulations on bees in Kansas. I live in city limits, so I am assuming there are regulations, I mean all the better if theres not! I just want to make sure I do everything the way I am supposed too, I wouldn’t want to start a hive and then have to move it.

Any information would be extremely helpful!

Might I suggest checking with your local association/bee club
They will have all the up to date info

If Kansas is anything like California, there will be some state regulations, but the more restrictive regulations will be imposed by your local city. You don’t say which city you live in, but to give you an idea, San Diego, where I live, has different rules on required distance of hive from the property boundary depending on where you live. If you live inside the city limits, hive must be 16 ft from the property boundary. If you live in the unincorporated (rural) areas, the distance goes up considerably. The the different satellite towns and cities within San Diego county (Escondido, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Chula Vista) all have their own regulations too. This is my city’s summary document:

I found it by googling “San Diego City beekeeping regulations”. I suggest you do the same for your city, and additionally join a local beekeeping club, which you should also be able to find on Google. Lots of members of our San Diego club do not yet have bees, so I am sure that you would be very welcome there. I would suggest not mentioning Flow hive until they know you better - you just need to know how to keep bees in a standard 8-frame Langstroth hive (that is what the Flow hive really is).

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes! :wink:

Thank you so much! I will contact the club closest to me!