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Keeping up with the flow!

Hey all! I harvested two frames today for a total of 8.5 lbs of gorgeous golden magic :star_struck:

Flow super was placed on 4/18 & the rest of the frames are almost full and capped. I checked back this evening and the bees are already refilling the empty frames :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Mines getting close too! Very excited.


Wow! Do you know what your bees are primarily foraging, Eva?

I bet it is flowers!


Sorry, couldn’t resist that one… :blush:



I am sure that there are others but here they got an early start with about 30lbs of willow, maple (it’s usually too cold for them to get much), then dandelion, apple/crabapple/serviceberry, cherry, now Hawthorne, buckeye. I hear conflicting things about (invasive) honeysuckle. Some say the flowers are too deep and I haven’t personally seen bees working it much. My hive has been putting on 3-5lbs. (1.4-2.7kg) per day over the last couple weeks.

I have a double deep with a 7 frame flow super.


Yup, Dawn you’re right again, mostly flowers :joy::joy::joy: - and I’d say my region is similar to Alok’s regarding the types of trees with early nectar. It came out almost clear, with just a little golden color as the jars filled. It has a floral, grapey essence!

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Oh, and clover. Which is probably the biggest here right now.

Y’all. Just took this pic a few mins ago:

The middle two were EMPTY, yesterday.


Same here, and I thought of this yesterday when for the first time, I saw a honey bee collecting pollen from honeysuckle in my yard. I don’t think they can reach down to where the nectar is on the common/invasive type that grown abundantly here. Bumble bees will make a hole in the petals near the base and collect it that way. I learned to look for flowers without holes as a kid, foraging for nectar myself :yum:

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