Fall honey flow

I did a hive inspection 3 weeks ago, and again about a week ago. During which very little honey was being stored in the flow frames.

I went out looked in the side of the window as well as the rear access, and I was overly surprised on how much honey I had seen stored in that short period of time. Not sure where it’s all coming from but it’s still in the upper 90s here during the day and finally dropping into the upper 70s at night.

During the hive inspection I was surprised on how full the box was of bees. More than I’d ever seen before at least that was the perception at the time. I did check for queen cells. Did not find any will keep an eye on a swarm.


wow, Marty - it sounds like you’ll get a second harvest before too long! I’d be curious to hear how that honey turns out. I’m under the impression that the fall nectar flow in some areas is apt to produce honey that crystallizes easily or is quite thick. Keep us posted! :wink:

They are really filling up the flow frames. As we move into fall, temperature here in Dallas is not expected to be steadily in the 80s for another month.

Should I harvest the honey regardless come the end of the month and then plan on feeding it back to them or should I leave the flow frames full of honey on the hive until they consume it.

Hearing my mentor and the club last night, we don’t get cold enough here for them to hibernate or stay in the hive all winter they will go out and forage from time to time. We may get snow once a year it’s very odd for even to get 2 days worth of snow here in Dallas.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated