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Keeping viewing windows open

I’ve just put on my flow super and would love to see the bees working the flow frames through the viewing windows. Can I keep them open or does that stress the bees?

You can watch for a little while but the sun shining in affects the plastic of the frames and causes heating.

There are usually some bees that seem distracted by the light but most seem to be unaffected.

Thanks for the info.
Fortunately at the moment it’s out of the sun but I agree. I’ll be careful.

Hi Heather. Bees definitely prefer darkness, for example, if you had a Flow Super full of honey and removed a window for 24 hours, the bees would likely relocate the honey at the window to a darker location in the hive.

I wish I knew more about why they do this but I don’t.

As @chau06 explains too, UV can harm the Flow Frames so best to avoid them being exposed as much as possible.

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Thanks Bianca. I’ve put the cover back on.