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Kenya Top Bars Yields

Greetings to you all, I’m new here and I want ask if I can start beekeeping in resident area,though local and many bushes around ,dandelion and sunflowers zone ! I can only start with 3 wooden top bars ,but i don’t know the like results for using it sir/ma, your advice is strongly crucial, thank you all

The bees won’t mind being in a residential or urban area, but your neighbours might not like it. Make sure you check your local rules and regulations before you invest in a hive, as complaints are very unpleasant to deal with.


Jambo Rajio,

The bees in Kenya are African bees, You need a good distance away from public to keep the bees. They are very aggressive. The local beekeeping club in Kenya will be the best place to find out about keeping bees there.

Top hive bars are common, however the Langstroth hive is now used commonly. I think you can get them for as little as Kshs 5,000

African bees are swarm alot and do abscorn a hive easily if they are not happy with area, diseases or forage is lacking.

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Good information bro…but i don’t know where and how much would that be in Nigeria here. Thanks in bunch.

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