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Langstroth Hoover Hive Conversion to Flow

Total Newbie here, haven’t even bought my bees yet: I have a Hoover Hive (see photo) and I’m thinking about converting it to a flow hive using their conversion super (see 2nd attached photo). Anyone try this before? Any thoughts? Will it work well? Should I do 6 or 7 frame? I’m in Texas. Thanks in advance!

Is your Hoover hive 8 (6 flow) or 10 (7 flow) frames wide? Beyond knowing that, just need to stick it on top when the time is right.

I’m counting 10 frames… so I would need a 7 flow…what if I did a hybrid super? Would I need the 3 or 4 frame hybrid super?

Here are the Hoover Hive Dimensions btw image

i figured it out…thanks!!!

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Glad you made your way here