The 7 Frame Full FlowHive is here and assembled and IMPROVED

I’ve been wanting the 7 frame FlowHive which matches the 10 frame Langstroth hive bodies and it’s here!

So, I made a video on the improvements and how to assemble it. Excellent joints and materials, watch here :slight_smile:

Perfect for our long and heavy winters here :slight_smile:


Nice video- I also have two of the hoop pine hives- and the wood really is excellent. Heavy duty, and perfectly cut. I had no issues at all putting mine together.


Great video. Are there any modifications that you would consider making, such as an upper (super) entry access and landing platform?

Yes Neill,
I add a medium super above the flow-super with an upper entry/vent, I don’t see the need to put that vent/access hole directly in the flow-super box because I may raise or lower the flow-super in the stack and want the vented box to always be on top.

I would like to see a viewing window on both sides of the flow-super :slight_smile:

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