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Flow and regular frames


Hi all, does anyone know the combinations that are possible on a langstroth super? (10 frame)
I am looking to have a cross between flow and regular frames and only ever harvest for myself out of flow frames, what what combinations an I looking at? that will fit with minimal gapping?


I’m drawing a blank on the specific place I saw them but I remember seeing pictures of this. I believe that 4 regular frames and a Flow Lite(3 flow frames) with fit into a 10 frame box.


@bat208 http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/flow-frames/p/63. You will see that 4 or 6 frames for 8 frame hive and 4 or 7 frames in a 10 frame hive


My mistake, I had forgotten the 4 regular frame setup was for the 8 frame.