Larvae and beetle? What type of larvae is this?

We are relatively new. In North Georgia. Can someone tell me what pest(s) I’m dealing with?

What is all the liquid? I’m pretty sure that there are wax moth larvae in there, & I think I can make out at least one hive beetle larvae.

Not sure what the liquid is. It was only where the larvae are. Our other hive right next to it looks great and does not have that liquid

I think the whitish grub in this photo is a hive beetle grub.

It’s a bit difficult to completely rule our wax moth grub from this photo but I would say the strong likelihood is small hive beetle (SHB). These will have a couple of sets of legs at the front of the body (as opposed to right along the body for the wax moth) and are spinier looking/bumpier in their backs. The wax moth grubs will also grow a bit longer, but hard to tell them apart from a photo while they are still small. Aside from these differences between the SHB and wax moth young, look out for other signs of wax moth or SHB beetle present in your hive.