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Beetle larvae in flow frame door


I just opened the harvesting back to the flow frames box. I found about 10+ hive bettle larvae in the bottom right corner. I removed opened the box up even with out smoking to pull that frame out ASAP to look. Did not see in larvae well I hope. I will be harvesting the 2 end frames tomorrow. I did place some wintergreen grease in the corners. That is what I use in to help keep bettles out of the hive in the winter with no honey flow. Since the Bee can not get to this area I fill ok about putting it there.


I’m assuming you mean beetles but keep them in check and make sure the colony is strong. There must be an area the bees can’t get to because they usually keep the beetles corralled and under control.


It’s not good if you’re finding beetle larvae in the honey super. I would recommend you check the brood out straight away. Check every frame.


Oh dear. Hope it goes okay. Maybe post some photos so we can see what is happening.


correct, the area is just inside the back access door and right next to where the plastic flow frame meets the wood frame of the box. right in that corner.

No photos I was :cry: so MAD and concern I, killed the 6-10 of them I saw and suited up right away and went right into the hive and looked at that frame. It looked ok, I will harvest it Sunday. I will harvest it into several jars so I could filter or discard it it segments.

I just don’t know how the beetles could have gotten to this area also. there was plenty of food for them. Honey, and propolis


doing that on Sunday before I harvest. Hive is strong, the larvae was where the bee could not get too.


Check them closely: I remember a few years back when beetles took hold I was uncapping a frame and out of the corner of my eye saw something wiggle. It was a beetle larva that I first thought was a wax cap :nauseated_face:


Damn don’t like that, That scares me


You’ll be fine: Look the frame over really good and check for slime, especially around the perimeter and any place it is not capped.

A little extra protein is good once in awhile.