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Leaving flow frames on over the winter

Does anyone in the Houston, TX area leave the flow frames on over the winter? I have two brood boxes below the flow frames. Or is that to much room for the colder months?

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

I don’t do it in San Diego and I wouldn’t recommend it in Houston. Leaving the Flow super on in tropical or very mild subtropical (southern Florida) areas is OK, but when it gets below the mid-50s at night, bees start to put propolis on everything. That can really mess up your ability to open the Flow frames for harvesting next season.

Also, if you have any longer gaps in nectar production (which you will have in Houston), the honey in the frames can crystallize, also leaving you unable to open the frames to harvest next year. Best to just take them off. :wink:


Thanks. Last time I took them off. Was just checking to see what others did. Figured they needed to come off.

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