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Level of flow hive 2 non harvest period

Does the flow hive 2 level set at 3 degrees sloping backwards all the time or only at harvest and level or forwards during non harvest periods

I have mine with 5 degrees leaning to the rear all the time and have had no issues. Be sure there is no sideways lean though.
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Good question, as many beekeepers will tell you that you want to have your hive level to encourage the bees to build straight comb. What they don’t tell you is that a tilt along the length of the frame is absolutely fine. You just don’t want a side to side tilt, as then it makes it very hard for the bees to line the comb up with the frame edges, especially if you are going for foundation less frames.

So as Peter says, having a tilt all the time is no problem for the bees. I leave my Flow hive tilted back permanently, and they have done very well with that. My traditional hive will get a tilt when they fill the Flow super. I don’t tilt it all the time, as I don’t have a stable way to do that, and I would rather shim it only when needed than risk having it fall off the hive stand.


I was following this thread and the op’s question with interest with regard to setting up my upcoming FH2 next Spring.
Big thanks for answering a thought that had occurred to me also!
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not to forget that hives with solid bottoms should actually tilt forward slightly so any water runs out the entrance… Not an issue with hives with mesh floors.

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