Lo, and bee hold...FLOW HONEY!

It worked! Two Flow hives and two plus years on… we got honey! I won’t go into the sordid details. Two hives, three swarms (one captured, hence two hives). Two seasons and nothing from the honey supers. After waxing them both seasons, nothing. So I went to extract the honey supers from both hives. The newer hive, a captured swarm from original hive, had worked them some. Not enough to even bother harvesting. I let them have it. But the second original bigger hive, I decided to try a flow. Mind you, neither honey super appeared to have much activity. I’ve had a lot of family issues and the bees took a bit of a backseat. But healthy as far as pests go. I cracked open a super, added a Mason jar and…wow! Honey! Lots! Got four pints from two supers before I ran out of jars. Wholly unprepared. Wasn’t expecting anything. Got more jars and will start fresh tomorrow. Amazing how the bees cleaned up all the spilled honey.

Now, to learn how to clean the supers for winter…



Good for you CG!

There’s lots of info on cleaning & storage here that I’m sure you’ll find. I recommend doing a cold water test to make sure that honey is ripe, since I gather you didn’t look at the frames before harvesting :wink: