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Local Beek eats his Bees to cure allergies


Never gonna believe this one. This guy raises bees so that he can eat live bees to cure his allergies. This blows my mind.

Gonna make a lot of you mad. I mean… he says he eats 20 bees a day. Insane. He said the stings on his tongue no longer bother him.

Give this guys idea a chance. I know bees are struggling to survive in today’s vorroa mite, pesticide infested world, but… allergies suck. I have already put 10 bees in a jar and am going to try this today. Don’t worry, I have benadryl and an epi pen standing by. The beek, Mr. Astley, states, “My allergies weren’t really that bad, but, I thought I might be able to make a quick buck off the idea, so I gave it a try and I think it is working.”

You should check out the video below.

Up until today, I wouldn’t have believed something like this.

Local Beekeeper Eating Bees to Cure Allergies


Are you sure this isn’t a April Fools joke?

I clicked the link…HAHAHAHA


This is no joke. Mr. Astley was on the news here in Austin, TX this morning.


But was the local news fooling?


Did you watch the video? It seems pretty legitimate.


Regardless, I just ate 4 bees this morning and my nose stopped running. My buddy, Rick, rolled by to watch me while I ate them in case something went wrong. I didn’t even get stung. He video taped it, after I get it uploaded to YouTube I’ll post it here.


As promised, here are the videos of me eating the bees…

Video of me eating Bees 1 & 2

Video fo me eating Bees 3 & 4 with lots of chewing


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Not biting.Not today.


I wouldn’t admit to it either. But as @jape would say… Hyvää aprillipäivää


Thank you @lhengst
At least I’ve added another useless word to my lexicon :open_mouth:


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Pass the Milk please…


Giggling and grossed out all at the same time!


Got Rickrolled only once before this, years ago…paybacks are hell Lorne :japanese_ogre: