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Location, Location, Location... beekeeping in the Adelaide Hills


I’d like to see a picture of the little jars.


Funny really, most overseas visitors like grabbing some, so intrigued are they by the different flavours. So my collection got quite diminished, and now I ran out of jars.
But still have hundreds left over.


You have run out of jars, but have hundreds left over? Hmmm, I think I’m not understanding something here :wink:


Hundreds of previously filled ones.
If I knew teeny jars were so popular to try out flavours and people actually want them, I would have continued the madness.
Might take it up again. Crazy.
Mind you, only friends come visit my beelab, not the public.
I initially did it just for my benefit, to see how honey reacts of a particular frame that I keep in a bigger jar.
I should add, the teeny jars were for my records, but once people wanted them for gifts, I let them have it, because I couldn’t see how I could keep it all up with my initial idea.
My records of each frame are still there, just in bigger jars.


Semaphore…has your honeyflow started in your non-urban beeyards yet? If you have any photos I would love to get an idea of what that country looks like.