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Location of hive regarding chickens/guinea fowl


I let my chickens and guinea fowl free range on my property. Does anyone know if they will try to get into my flow hive or destroy my flow hive?nare they attracted to honey? How far away from my garden and chicken coop area should I set up my flow hive?

Where I live there are deer, coyotes, Hawks, owls, and gophers.bdo I need to fence in my flow hive?

Thank you.


Chickens and fowl will generally leave your bees alone, some people keep their hive inside the coop. Raccoons and bears like honey, deer and coyotes shouldnleave it alone.


I have free range chickens and they patrol around the hives which helps keep ants and earwigs away. The bees don’t mind them and the chickens leave bees alone


My bees and chooks get on fine. They ignore each other for the most part. Ive seen the chooks polish off the occasional crook bee that hasn’t made it home but they dont seem to eat the busy ones who are in and out of the hive. They also keep the bugs, spiders and snakes out of the garden and from around the hives which is a bonus.


There are, however, accounts of chickens being attacked and killed by bees.


We keep our hive inside the chicken yard and other than the occasional Roo jumping up on top of the hive to crow, they pay the hive no mind, and the bees do not appear to be bothered.


I hadn’t even thought of this. We have chickens (rarely left to free range - drought situations allowing them to turn some of the ground barren), Pheasants (always in pens), and geese (mostly in pens, but get to free range some). Glad to hear for the most parent they will leave each other alone.