Placement of the Flow Hive outside of your property [?]

Hello every one,

My name is Yuliya, and I’m very interested in learning more about beekeeping. :slight_smile: It’s nice to meet you all.

I’m from Apex, North Carolina. This is near Raleigh city. We live in a neighborhood with very strict HOA policy about keeping any breeding pets on the property including bees. But our house is placed on the border of the forest.

My question: is it allowed to set a hive outside of your property in the woods behind your property on the land of the city which is not regulated by the HOA policy?

Thank you very much.

Wbr, Yuliya.

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Hello there Yuliya,
I have no idea about the rules where you are- but several things spring to mind:

  1. Bee hives get stolen. It’s sad but it happens. A flow hive is more expensive than a regular one so would potentially be even more at risk of being stolen- and a greater loss.

  2. Maybe an alternative would be to find a friend- or anyone really - that has land and is happy to host a hive (or twelve) for you? You can pay them in honey. Many people with fruit trees and extensive gardens might be happy to oblige for the pollination the bees will provide. If you don’t know anyone suitable directly maybe you could advertise on Craigslist or similar?

  3. This is cheeky… but ignorance can be blissful. If you had a little ol’ bee hive near your back fence… would the Powers that Be ever know about it? :wink: And technically bees are not ‘breeding pets’ but livestock… at least that’s how they are classified where I am.


I agree with Jack, you’d be surprised at how many people would like hives on their property for pollination or simply to “help the bees”. I guess it depends on how far you’d have to travel to find such a property where you’d be allowed to keep bees.

I’d suggest placing a traditional hive in the forest, however you’d know best as to whether it would get reported, vandalized or stolen.

I see you have one hive, where did you place it?

PS, after a little research on where N.C. is, I doubt you’d have bears to worry about. What about other wildlife like Big Foots & Yowies?


Thank you very much @Semaphore and @JeffH. I found that it’s allowed actually by the HOA and the structure just need to be approved. So I think I will just collect more information about my location and ask in an other thread for opinion about my location. Huge thank you for your answers it was very helpful!

P.S: The 1 hive that I have in the profile, it’s my “Future Imaginary Hive” :blush:



There is nothing wrong with forward planning and knowing your rights.
Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of nice people with a lot of good advise and willing to share it.

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Thank you @Peter48, indeed. I will ask a lot of questions before starting for sure. :wink:

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