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Looking for 3 women in the UK who are happy Flow Hive owners - to be part of an article for the UK Daily Mail :)

Hi ladies, Sadie is looking for 3 women from the UK who are happy Flow Hive owners :slight_smile:
She will be writing an article for the UK Daily Mail. If you are interested please contact her :slight_smile:

ANOTHER £50 UP FOR GRABS - please just share this post and a winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. £350 on publication for this lovely piece: I’m urgently seeking three women who are each the proud owner of a so-called ‘flow hive’ - basically a very particular type of bee hive (I can’t accept anything other than this type) which allows them to have their own honey on tap. Liz Hurley has one and has been raving about it in an interview. Flow hives have been around for a few years but are becoming increasingly popular and each lady will need to wax lyrical about why she loves hers, the pros and cons (Liz Hurley says they are less stressful to bees than traditional beekeeping methods) and also pose for photos with her hive - we’ll send a photographer and hair and make-up artist out to her. Help!

Thought I better mention, she needs people by this Thursday. So if you are thinking about this - don’t hesitate - contact her ASAP :grinning: