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Honey Flow Prejudice UK


I was so happy to receive my complete Hive in Jan . I ordered it as one of the first over a year ago. As I am a country girl but not a bee keeper I was aiming to offer it to a local stablished organic organisation that was bee orientated. However I am stunned by so far two places that have turned me down flat without even looking - with reasons of ‘we’re bee friendly -against the principles of the Honey Flow’ etc etc. this is in Devon UK.
I’m not inclined to argue when their opinions are so pre formed and set.
Have others come upon this absolute closed ness with UK bee keepers ?
I feel a little like as I imagine the designer of the first tractor encountered when displaying it to the dedicated horse using farmers !!


Some folk are really set in their ways. I wouldn’t waste any more energy on what sounds like a wonderful philanthropic gesture. Sell it on eBay


Sorry to hear this Sue, but I am sure there are many others willing and able to help you house some bees.


That’s a shame. Remember the world was once flat. Sometimes it takes time :slight_smile:

Have your posted in our “Connect with locals” area on the forum? You might be able to find some like-minded people on there where you can share the Flow Hive with them.


@Sueky join out UK Flow Group


People can be very prejudiced of things they know nothing about. There are a lot of assumptions.


Thank you for the link and have done now x


Old habits die hard…some people are apprehensive about change…we all like to live within our comfort zones…yada yada yada! :slightly_smiling: