Looking to buy 2x Queens ASAP, I am located in Brisbane

Hey all,

Long story short, I am looking to purchase two queens ASAP.

After being unable to check my 3 hives for approximately 4 weeks due to work & family commitments I returned to find that two of my hives are queenless (as well as lacking any capped or uncapped brood). I have moved two frames of brood into each hive from the one that is still queened in the hope the bees will attempt to create their own, but I worry that it may not be enough.

I would hate to lose these hives so any help would be greatly appreciated, I am located in Brisbane and willing to pick up from within driving distance of a couple hours, or willing to pay for postage.

Thanks in advance.

I think your attempt at those two colonies making new queens will be enough. Due to recent extreme conditions, a lot of colonies around our way have swarmed. Did you see any evidence of swarming?

Depending on how strong the 2 colonies are, I would have only given them one frame of brood & kept the other 2 frames in the donor hive as reserve in case they don’t make emergency queens with the first ones.

Don’t panic. Just look at those frames after about 5 days to see if they are making emergency queens.