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Brisbane: Hive Split For Sale


I have established a new colony from a spring hive split I did on my strongest hive. This new colony is for sale so if you are looking for a strong colony this will be ideal. It is in an 8 frame box at the moment and I suspect it should be fully drawn in a couple of more weeks. Please message me if you are interested and I will give you the different price options depending on your preference. The hive is in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.


@Rocko67 Pity you are so far away or I’d definitely buy it.


Hi Rocko

I am interest in these bees for my new hive. I am in Hervey Bay but could come down to collect. If you could please me some more info and prices.



Hi Dan, I have two flow hives and I have done a split from the strongest hive. It seems to be going well but I haven’t checked the status in the last few days because of the weather and my work commitments. weather permitting I will check the progress early this week and be able to confirm that the queen is laying a strong brood pattern. They live in my back yard so get plenty of attention. The eight frames I have in the box are a mixture of older frames and new frames. They are all wired frames. I think the best and easiest way to do this, particularly considering the distance you need to travel, is to just swap my frames straight into your box which we seal up and you take back to Hervey Bay. You would need to get them back to Hervey Bay that evening as you would not want to have them sealed up for any longer then the four or so hours it will take you to get back. You would need to leave me eight frames or pay for the bees and my eight frames. I am not keen on swapping your frames in as it takes too long for the bees to establish and I find that it is disruptive to the colony. The cost is $80 as I have described the process. If you do not want to swap frames the cost will be an additional $30 for the cost of my frames and foundation wax so $110 in total. I can help with sealing the hive and preparing it for transport. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Paul

Thanks for that. I am having a lot of trouble sourcing bees here locally
so this sounds perfect. Would love to check out your hives as well if

Once you have had a chance to open your hive again this week (going to be
wet for a few days yet I believe), can you give me a call on 0408 750 302
and we can arrange for a suitable and convenient time to pick up. All my
existing frames have no wire or foundation, but I am happy to swap them or
keep them whatever is most convenient.

After so many books and videos can’t wait to finally get some bees and put
some of this into practice :slight_smile:



Ok Dan, It is unfortunate you can’t source bees closer to home. I will get back in contact with you later in the week to let you know how they are going and when they should be ready. It will be best to arrive here late in the afternoon. I can then move the bees across to your box while it is still light. We will then need to wait till it is dark and all the bees have returned to the box before we seal the box and send you on your way. I take it you have a flow hive. In which case you only need to bring the base, the brood box and the top inside cover (not the roof). You will also need some straps to hold it all together for the journey home. Do you have your hive ready to receive bees or are you still putting it together/painting it. If so when do you think you will be ready? I am sure you will enjoy beekeeping. I have certainly found it very rewarding and while I only intended to have one hive it is actually best to have two and I soon found that out and two is no more work than one to look after.


No worries. Yes we have a flow hive. My girls have painted so we are all
ready to go. Will remember to bring a strap for moving.

Will possibly look at getting a second for next spring but see how we go

Talk soon



Hi Dan,
All going well you might be able to split it next year and get your two hives that way - plus reduce the swarming impulse in the process.


HI there,

Can you tell me if you have sold your hive split? I am definitely interested and live in North Brisbane also.
Look forward to hearing from you. Julie


Hi Julie,
The original split has gone but I have another that will be ready in a couple of weeks. It is currently a four frame Nuc but I will be transferring it to an eight frame box probably in the next week. If you are keen I could transfer it straight into your box for you and leave it here until fully established. I just need to confirm this week the queen has mated and is laying well. This would be the best process as it would be less disruption to the bees. If you are interested you could drop your box over and I will get them started. The cost is $80 if you swap your frames for mine or $110 if you want to keep your frames.


Hi Paul, that all sounds great! I am happy to bring over my hive to set up in. My number is 0411 166 828. Give me a call whenever suits you so I know where you are and we can arrange a time that suits for me to drop off the hive. I will need some guidance on what else I might need to travel with them in the car when they are ready.
Cheers Julie


Hi Paul - so you did not end up reintegrating the swarm with you original hive? How they all going?

My bees have settled in well - I applied the flow super the other day - think they were ready as they were congregating in the roof cavity and frames appeared to be pretty full.


Dan, Yes I did and then did a split on my other hive to try and prevent it from swarming. Seems to have worked so far.

I am glad your hive is going well. Your queen was certainly producing good bee numbers so I am confident you will have a strong hive there. If you have the super on now I would suggest you close off the hole in the top cover because the bees will likely fill the roof cavity before the flow frames. At least that has been my experience. It also seems to take the bees a while to draw out the flow frames so if they have nowhere else to store honey they will do it quicker. All the best.


Is this still available


Hi Troy,

This split is sold with the owner picking up this weekend. I am doing another split this afternoon and this one is also going to the same person. I suspect I will not have another this season but if it looks like I will I will let you know.



How much do u charge for them normally



As described above $80 or $110 as described above. I expect I will need to increase this next season however. I notice that most others sell for double or triple this price however I am really just trying to cover costs and time as I have to go through the process anyway. I will know probably in a couple of weeks if I will need to do another split to stop the swarming process as I had to with my other hive because it swarmed despite my split.




thank you
very much apreciated