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Lots of Drone Activity

I noticed while watching my hive this afternoon that most of the in and out traffic were drones. What would this be?

Could be a number of things @Doug_Warner, either your hive is healthy and it happened to be the time of the day when all the drones were returning OR you have a problem with your comb or queen to which drones re being layed instead of workers. In your last inspection, what was the percentage of drone brood to worker brood in the hive? It should be 5-10% at the most.


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Very likely normal for San Diego at this time of year, but you would be wise to inspect the brood box, as @Rodderick suggests. If you post some photos here of the brood box frame faces, we can help you interpret them. Afternoon is prime time for orientation of new bees, but also departure and return of mature drones attempting a mating flight. We are at the height of swarm season right now, so drones have to get busy! :blush:

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Have a look at your brood. If it is mostly worker brood then all is OK. However, if it is drone brood with little or no worker brood you have queen problems and should replace your queen ASAP.