Lot's of brood but not much honey

I’m new to beekeeping and learning a lot, but I still have many question marks over my head lol
I got into my hive yesterday and it looks good, I seen the queen and there is lots of brood, eggs and larvae but I have hardly any honey?? I’m not sure what is going on… I read it might be because honey robbers and I have seen some fighting going on but not really that much. I ordered a entrance reducer but it’s not a flow hive because I couldn’t find one for a 8 frame hive.
Any ideas what I should do?
Thank you

Hi Kimber, & welcome to the forum. An entrance reducer can quickly get resolved with a piece of sponge rubber. @Dawn_SD likes to glue paint stirrers or icy pole sticks together to form an entrance reducer. Just make sure they are a firm fit, otherwise the bees will push them out.

There must be enough honey & pollen coming in for the bees to produce lots of brood. Just make sure that the honey arcs above the brood is full of honey at all times. If you see those honey arcs to be empty, it’s time to feed.

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