Lots of Questions from Washington State

I am VERY interested in starting a hive, however I can’t find any local assistance…yet. I live in the Seattle area and have some questions about starting a hive here in rainy Washington.
Do you recommend having two brood boxes?
What kind of plants do bees like that can grow here?
What is the ideal time to get my hive started?
How soon should I start preparing for winter?
What precautions do I need to take regarding the rain?
Do you recommend guided brood frames or empty ones?
Sorry that I have so many questions, I just really don’t want to hurt the bees if I get them. I’m completely new to this, so PLEASE tell me all of the things you have found most helpful.
Thank you to whomever reads this,

Hi Nikoli,
Welcome to the flow forum. It’s good that you have so many questions and that you want to get things right for the bees and your environment.
If you just type in Washington up there on the right under the looking glass, you will already find lots of info and people about that area.
From then on just type any question or key word up there and a lot of info will pop up.
Michael Bush’s website has all info you need in an easy to understand format.
It’s fairly inexpensive to get some books on Amazon for kindle as well, some are even free.
Enjoy your bee keeping journey once you get a start. I find it quite spiritual.

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Morning Nick,

I live in your region ! I live 3.2 ms east of Renton. I’d be more than happy to chat n help. This morning I’m preparing to pickup four more Nuc’s of bees. This is my second season back into beekeeping. I raised honeybees about 55 yrs ago as a school Agriculture program.

Yes ! Around the Puget Sound region we use at least double deep boxes or triple mediums. As a beginner, save yourself the hassle n use either wired wax or wax coated plastic foundation… As you gain experience then you might try foundationless.

Here’s couple pix’s of my Apiary Nick …

Stay in touch n we’ll chat on the phone if you would like or text here …

Now off to pickup my four Nuc’s !

Eden Seeds is a great supplier and info. They even have NW Bee Friendly seed mixes. Bee Balm is the best in my opinion for nectar and pollen, but many more.
I over bought because I was still old thinking when I had Langstroth hives and acreage… and starting again QUIETLY and concealed :innocent: in a development with a postage stamp size lot in Cathlamet WA. Shhhhh. Contact me and I’ll send you some BEE FRIENDLY fresh seeds for planting 2024. FREE is a very good price.