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Swarm moved to nuc box


Today we transfered a swarm we caught 4 days ago from our temporary swarm box to a proper Nuc box.
It was a nice moment for us because it was the first chance to use my wifes fathers very very old original nuc box that we restored. Amazing that in 4 days they have half drawn the 2 frames of plastic foundation plus created 3 more rows of their own foundation. They are now all in the 5 frame Nuc but at the rate they are going there going to need a bigger home.


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Hi Bill, new hive tool. Dad is 92 now and had to stop beekeeping so it took a few years but now we are into it.
I left the hive entrance at the same height during the swap. How high can I shift them in one move without them loosing their way? Our other hives are 400mm high. I have been catching cane toads for years and haven’t seen any for a long time in this area. Dad used to say the cane toads could wipe out a lot of bees in one sitting.
Is there an advantage to them building comb more full?
Thanks for the advice learning as we go.


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Cheers Bill, Dad certainly has years of experience but can’t communicate much now. It feels good to carry on something that he has shared with our family over the years. Looks like the bee keeping tradition continues. The Flowhive was the catalyst for that.