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Made an entrance reducer


Some how these didn’t happen with the last post.
First photo is my orignal make

Second photo I said what the hell, everyone saying " TOO SMALL" go open

The moral of my story is though isn’t there some beautiful timber in this world.

You perfectionist also make me sick. I asked myself … entrance reducer, what do I do,
I said just screw a bit on the front, 8mm clearance will keep mice out bees in. But no you perfectionist have do the flash thing and insert your reducer in the gap… and I’m thinking why didn’t I think of that… and the answer is " your a pratt you didn’t think what was beautiful you thought what is the solution. bahhhhh I hate you smart people . No, only joking don’t flame me.



Love the muse n article. And your cool Entrance reducer too. If it works … Do ít ! :wink:… Át 70 years old my woodworking skills n creativity awakened out of the Darkness !

My dad n middle brother were so skilled with the beauty n ways of wood colors n grains. In Jr n Sr High I took another path other than woodshop ! For 8 years I became skilled in agricultural endevours … Thus my love for Beekeeping but always the wanting to be skilled as my dad n brother cultivated n example with their easy n perfectionism ! In that woodworking skill I felt less than second class but moved on in life to bloom in other ways.

Two years ago an old itch returned. So many things to be fixed n repaired around the old shack. Thus a small woodshop was built n my desire to learn refreshed… As you see I’m on a new path. :grinning:

. . In less than two years with many mistakes n plenty of up/downs I am slowly bringing out the old grains of latent skills I saw my dear dad do so well but I fail at. I think he would finally
be proud of this late bloomer. But we do have memories. He enjoyed helping me with my bees as a teen. . Love your witte n skill at beekeeping bro. Keep posting your adventure. I really enjoy the path beekeeping is opening to us all. Have a great n amazing weekend. Gerald


Ha Hah I spotted the mistakes in your bowls.
They have too many chocolates in them.


@JeffH - you mentioned that if the bees didn’t like the reducer, they’d push it out.

Oddly, the entrance reducer was on the ground yesterday.

I’m thinking field rat. It couldn’t have been the bees…or could it?


Hi Bobby, it would be the bees if it’s a loose fit. I have never experienced it myself because I don’t use them, however I should on some of my hives. I’m going by what one of my honey customers told me. That happened to him.

PS, being that your in Spring, you probably don’t need one. Unless your trying to keep things out. In that case, probably a mouse guard would be worth considering.


hey everyone

Bobby inspired me to try to make my own entrance reducer today! Thanx Bobby :slight_smile:



That reducer really looks neat ! Good job !


Can I buy one of those from you and you send it to me?

I’m in Rwanda and without a table saw, any good wood, or anything remotely like your skill at making them.



Turns out that the kindling that you buy at a place like Costco is the ideal thickness.
All I had to do was cut the end off with a hacksaw. Make a couple of scores for the size of the entrance and chisel out the door. Worked like a charm!!


I hope that they do not get damaged wings in passing


Very impressed with the pictures on this thread. However, lacking the necessary woodworking skills, I came up with what one would call “the lazy man’s adjustable entrance reducer”, I guess…
You think the silver tape is a problem?



Nah ! If that silver tape works for you … Please go ahead. I use that in my furnace n service business by the roll. Great stuff for lots of quick repairs. Gerald


Thanks Gerald! Means a lot! Specially if it’s coming from the wood craft wizard! :grin:


Marc, I’ve only been blessed with a small fully equipped woodshop since i got close to retirement. My dad n brother were the awesome woodworker. I don’t hold a candle to their skill. Like you … At times I use what I have. If it works it work. I worry about how it looks as soon as I can if I CARE :yum:… I like perfect but that doesn’t belong in my vocabulary very often. I’m a “jack of all trades but a master of NONE” as my dear mom use to tell me ! She was a smart lady. She always did her best n help people do their best but she was no perfectionist like my dad n brother. I’m more of a chip off my sweet mom. And I’m good with that. Enjoy the rest of you weekend. Just got in from
letting chickens out n checking my new colonies !

. . .
Ta ta bro ! Gerald


Yea, and much more UV resistant than duct tape


You can see my sophisticated and highly advanced entrance reducer. It’s made from space age materials known as “packing paper”. :wink:


That’s by far a more elegant solution than my Dad’s dog chew toy reducer; -)


Not as long-lasting though. I would put money on it being gone within a week or two! :smiling_imp:


I figure this way they can easily chew it open to as large as they want whenever they want. At least until I get one of @Gerald_Nickel prototype reducers :wink:


Yeah, he should try the rope dog chew. It’s lasted for years ; -D