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Mann Lake Bee Packages - Get ready for the Bee Bus shipping container!


I’m not wishing for it! I’m likely not made of that type of sterner stuff. But I also realize that most of the feral bees around here probably have some of the genetics, so at some point I may have to deal with it…

unhappy face

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Hi Julie, one thing is for certain, if you keep bees long enough, you’ll encounter angry bees. I’m pretty sure you’ll cope with it alright.

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We inspected the 2 new packages yesterday. WOW, they are doing fantastically well!

Both have had tons of these in a beautiful pattern. Eggs by the hundreds!

One package had a successful direct queen release 9 days prior to our inspection, and we spotted some 6 day old brood. The other had a queen cage placed in the hive one week prior to our inspection, and the oldest that we saw were 3 day eggs (laying down flat in the base of the cells. So it takes about 3 or 4 days for a caged queen to start laying well, but boy oh boy are these ladies laying beautifully! :blush:

They have gone through almost a gallon of 1:1 syrup (with Vitamin C) feed in just over a week, and we are going to give them 1/4 of a Mann Lake Ultra Bee patty, as they now have open brood.

Don’t want to feed the SHB, but we would like to encourage population build up of bees in the hive. We didn’t see any SHB, so the bees are doing a great job.

We will continue feeding until they have some capped stores.

Overall, these packages are superb, and we would definitely order more in the future. :blush:


So exciting! Great picture too. :grinning::honeybee::raised_hands: